Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Leather Coat Restoration

My favorite leather coat....just like that perfect pair of jeans you love to wear. Except leather coats are a lot harder to wash than a pair of jeans.

We can professionally restore that favorite leather jacket because we have all techniques to get your leather looking like new again.

Are you close by? Drop by and we'll give you and estimate on the spot.

If you're not, send us an email with a picture at and we'll get back to you with an estimate and information how you too, no matter how far, can get your coat or apparel restored.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Leather Care

Leather is a generic term that refers to all hides that have been tanned. But all leather is not the same. Hides vary in quality and can be tanned, treated, and finished in different ways. The softness and feel of leather is determined by the amount of mechanical correction.

Genuine leather is available as a top grain and a split. Hides, like human skin, have wrinkles, scars, and beauty marks that make each one unique. Leather is the strongest upholstery material known to man. Unlike most fabrics and vinyl, it is not easy to burn, melt, or puncture. Real leather, not imitation leather, is not hot or sticky in the summer of cold in winter. Upholstery leathers used by reputable manufacturers are permanently preserved in the tanning process and do not require cleaning with saddle soaps, oils, etc. Nothing matches the feel or smell of leather. With proper care, leather will last a long time, but it is not maintenance free. Don't let leather dry out and crack, because the damage can be irreversible. Dust, dirt, body oils and sunlight will breakdown the surface of leather.

Want to keep your leather looking good, start by keeping it clean! This may be the simplest and best thing you can do. An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure, when it comes to leather care. Use a clean wiping cloth, lightly sprayed with water and wipe the surface clean, at least one a month. Think how much dust would be on your coffee table if you didn't dust it for a month. You can't see the dust on leather, but it's there. When someone sits down, they force dust deep into the fine finish of the leather. Think of dust as microscopic sandpaper. The more this happens, the greater the damage to the finish.

To remove light dirt and soils, rub with heavily diluted liquid dish soap and water. Avoid all other cleaners and protectants unless specified by the manufacturer. Solvent or alcohol products can damage the finish. Leather conditioners are available at

If you have tears, burn holes, or pet scratches think twice about the miracle repair kits that are advertised on T.V. Specific repairs require specific skills that don't come with those kits. Take your car or funiture to a pro. You will save time, money and get the job done. right!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Today, customizing your vehicle is so easy. You can buy aftermarket and custom auto parts online so you don’t need to search everywhere or even go to another State to find the auto parts perfectly fit for your vehicle and of course, to your own style. If you are tired by the way your vehicle looks but do not want to be thousands of dollars poorer, Duramend can help you add life and color to your rather boring or typical driving day. You can replace your almost any vehicle’s steering wheel with inserts or wrapped leather. Maybe you are an adventurous person and want your vehicle to exude the same personality, you can add a new grille or wing.
Save yourself from the burden of paying thousands of cash for a new car. You can change the way your car looks and even upgrade its performance and safety features by means of aftermarket and replacement auto parts available through With our professional installation, you can get all the advantages of a new vehicle without spending too much.